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3 Of The Many Benefits Of Taking The Time For a Brisk Walk Every Day In Australia.

Australians are known throughout the world as being active, sporty people that excel in everything that they do. However, modern living conditions have changed a lot of that and most Australians now, don’t get enough exercise everyday. We are caught up in living our busy lives and we have forgotten about the health benefits of staying fit and walking from A to B instead of taking a bus or a taxi. Think for a moment, when was the last time that you went out for a brisk walk and got your heart beating faster? For many of us, it was a long time ago and that is something that we need to start doing again as part of a new, healthy lifestyle.

Many people figure that if you are not running or jogging, then you are not exercising and this is so far from the truth, that it is scary. Walking has proven itself to be a very effective way to lose excess weight and to strengthen legs and body. If you can speed up a little and take longer strides, then that’s even better. It’s perfect for the young and the old, for the fit and not so fit and if you are wearing the right footwear for the occasion, then you can experience what many are calling the Zullaz Walking Pleasure, which is is a shoe specially designed for active people that provides support while still looking great.

There are many advantages to just putting on your orthotiic sports shoe and walking and here are just some of them.

  1. Walking burns significant calories and is a great way to lose weight and also to maintain your current weight. It all depends on your walking speed, the distance that you cover during your walk, your current weight and whether or not you walk uphill or on flat surfaces. Many people now wear watches that measure all this and more for you and then sends the relevant information to your phone.
  1. Walking is great for the heart and if you can squeeze in at least 30 minutes every day, then you will be on the road to fitness. It can reduce your chances of getting heart disease by at least 20% and if you can manage to get out there 5 days a week, then that’s great. Be sure to wear your orthodontic walking shoes to limit the amount of pressure that walking puts on the soles of your feet and your other joints.
  1. Walking is great for reducing your blood sugar that leads to diabetes and if you can squeeze in a brisk 15 minute walk after you eat at breakfast, lunch and tea, then you should be able to control your blood sugar levels more easily. Walking also helps to ease any joint pain that you may be experiencing and as mentioned before, if you wear the correct orthotic shoes, then your pain will be reduced further.

Walking is the perfect way to get out there and breathe some fresh air and get yourself into shape. Consider taking the time to just go for a quick walk when you have a few minutes to spare and you will notice great results almost immediately.

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