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Few Bouldering Etiquettes That You Must Learn During Training at Gym

If you are learning bouldering then obviously you will be in the company of many other people too. You can certainly learn the tricks from many other participants by being friendly with them.

Therefore, during the journey of learning escalade de blocs pour tous les niveaux which means climbing blocks for all levels, it will be good to learn few basic etiquettes so that you can avoid few common blunders.

During the initial stages in the bouldering gym, you may have to face few tough situations but if you are aware about few basic etiquettes then it can benefit you a lot.

  • Avoid giving unsolicited advice

It will be considered a bad etiquette, if you try to advice some one who never asked for. Let the individual participant try on his own in case he or she is in difficulty. However, if anyone wants to discuss then help them by all means.

  • Be alert about your surroundings

When you are present in the bouldering gym, you must know who is where. Many of the participants will also be climbing so make sure that they do not fall on you accidentally.

  • Never try to touch anyone physically

It will be very annoying if you try to touch someone while the participant is in the process of climbing. It is going to disturb him or her. Only in case anyone falls down accidentally then you can touch the person to help him/her.

  • Take your turn on the bouldering space

Remember that bouldering space is meant for all participants and hence never interfere in some one’s space. Your turn will come next and hence you should wait until then. Avoid being in rush to use the space.

  • Never take some one’s bouldering space

When you start making your move to climb, make sure that you are not interfering with any other participant’s space. In case, some one is coming down then it is your duty to ensure that he gets free space.

  • Learn how to use chalk properly

Following are few chalk etiquettes that you must maintain during your training at the gym:

  • Should not take extra amount of chalk
  • Brush off in case you have plenty of chalk on the hold
  • Make sure that chalk used by you should not spill on the floor
  • Learn to do safe bouldering

For safe bouldering follow these tips:

  • Avoid moving crash pad by not ensuring whether it is in use
  • Tell gym staff to fix if anything is found loose
  • Keep the volume of your headphones low
  • In case, you have come with kids then make sure that someone is taking care of them.

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