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Vaccine Scandal Gripping China Could Cause Serious Problems for the Government

Stories of mismanagement and regulatory violations are hardly uncommon in China. But for the past two weeks, a scandal surrounding a vaccine manufacturer has gripped the attention of millions of people across the country — and sparked dissatisfaction that could seriously damage the government’s legitimacy, experts say.

It started July 15, when government inspectors found that Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology, China’s second-largest maker of rabies vaccines, had forged reports and violated regulations while producing 250,000 doses of rabies vaccines for humans, the South China Morning Post reported. Within days, Changsheng suspended production of the vaccine and recalled the product from disease-prevention organizations. As of Thursday, there had been no reported injuries or illnesses associated with the shots distributed by Changsheng.

But on July 20, when reports of Changsheng’s violations emerged, they quickly went viral on Chinese social media. Despite apparent attempts to censor posts about the scandal, a hashtag on the issue had been read more than 600 million times by Monday, Reuters reported.

Pundits and media outlets began describing the incident as the worst public-health scandal in years, and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang released a statement vowing to crack down on lawbreakers. On Monday, Chinese President Xi Jinping took time during a state tour through Africa to address the situation, calling it “appalling.”

The explosive reaction from citizens has surprised some analysts, especially given that regulatory violations are neither new nor rare in China’s scandal-ridden pharmaceutical industry. Experts say one reason this violation has struck a chord is that it threatens what many Chinese value more than anything else: their children.

According to the World Health Organization, rabies was endemic throughout most of China until the 1990s. While the country still has the second highest number of reported rabies cases in the world, the government has been working to significantly expand the country’s immunization program, meaning that nearly all Chinese children have received vaccines similar to the ones administered by Changsheng.

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